Arrow ECS®
Avocent HMX
Staff Efficiency
Expensive equipment  needs to be accessible in every master control and editing suite
Devices and computers are noisy and give off excessive heat reducing personnel efficiency
Remote access of high-resolution video
Information Access
Production requires dedicated servers that must be accessible from various locations increasing cost
Multiple users need to collaborate on projects in real time

Cost Management
Multiple users require access to expensive, specialized editing
Each editing bay needs access to specific equipment  to be fully functional
Operators sometimes require emergency, remote access

High Availability
Redundant equipment must be accessible in case of mid-show/production equipment failure
Failover must be seamless if disruptions occur

Thanks to the Avocent HMX extender system, Pinewood Studios in the United Kindgom, get the following business benefits:
  • Multiple editors can access and share any data source without having to leave their editing suites or workstations, streamlining the workflow process and speeding up the delivery of final content
  • The IP-based system was smoothly integrated into the existing network, is simple to update and new stations can be added quickly and easily
  • The integration and sharing of systems that the solution offers, saves costs and allows for easy integration with other areas of the business
Download the full Pinewood Studio customer success
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Download the Avocent HMX data sheet
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