Posted 12 April 2012

Trend Micro Deep Security Unattended Agent Install

Unattended install of the full Deep Security Agent

As a first step we need to make sure the installation file(.msi) is local on the system, because there is a network interruption during installation.

So as a basic install script I used something like this :

#Copy locally
mkdir c:\TMtemp
copy "\\yourfileserver\Install\TrendMicroDeepSec\DeepSecAgentAutomatedinstall\*.*" C:\TMtemp
cd \TMtemp

#Install the Agent including AntiMalware component
msiexec.exe /i Agent-Windows-8.0.0-1201.i386.msi /qb /L install.log ALLUSERS=2 ADDLOCAL=ALL REBOOT=ReallySuppress TARGETDIR="C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Deep Security Agent"
cd "c:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Deep Security Agent"

#This command makes sure the agent is registered with the DeepSec Manager
dsa_control.exe /a dsm://deepsecmanagerFQDN:4120/   

cd \TMtemp
del *.* /Q
cd \
rmdir /Q TMtemp