Posted 25 June 2012

Introducing new IBM PowerLinux solutions and servers

To drive significant new growth

IBM announces new IBM PowerLinux solutions and servers to accelerate market momentum and drive significant new growth.

On 24 April, IBM introduced IBM PowerLinux solutions and servers optimized to deliver new services faster, with higher quality and superior economics. Built on industry-standard Linux, open source, and IBM software, PowerLinux is a natural fit for smarter computing. These new offerings will help drive higher client satisfaction and require less support enabling you to spend more time selling and less time solving problems.
PowerLinux servers are built on world-class POWER7 systems, value-priced and designed to go head-to-head with x86 servers on cost while delivering greater performance, higher utilization, and superior availability.

PowerLinux solutions are optimized to deliver high value Linux services and are specifically designed to bring the capabilities of POWER7 technology to customers of our competitors x86 systems. These capabilities include performance that outruns Intel's Xeon processor, dependability that measurably exceeds that offered by Windows, and optimized PowerVM virtualization that offers higher workload density than VMware.

IBM is committed to Linux and to date has invested more than a billion dollars into the Linux movement. Since 2000, Linux had held a strategically significant position within the IBM systems portfolio. IBM is traditionally among the top commercial contributors of Linux code, with more than 600 IBMers involved in more than 100 open source projects.


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If you're looking to help your clients reduce cost with solutions that are more powerful than x86 Linux, more scalable than VMware, and more reliable than Windows, IBM PowerLinux offerings are the way to go.

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