Posted 04 July 2012

New shipping and handling features for selected IBM Power machines.

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IBM® is adding chargeable shipping and handling feature numbers to selected Power SystemsTM equipment to align with industry practice. Power Systems equipment with individual machine type and model numbers will be affected. These include many, but not all, Power Systems servers, racks, Hardware Management Consoles (HMCs), and switches.

The shipping and handling (S&H) feature number is structured as a hardware feature number in the Power Systems ordering system. This hardware feature number is treated like a normal hardware feature number and can be eligible for standard hardware discounts as would be offered for any other hardware feature number. For simplicity, there is one priced S&H feature and thus one S&H price for each Power Systems machine type. This means one price even though the configuration being shipped may be large or small for that machine type. Likewise the price on the S&H feature is the same whether IBM has shipped the equipment a great distance at higher cost to IBM or a short distance. Note that expedited shipping remains a separate charge and as before is not implemented with a hardware feature number.

For extraordinary situations a no-charge S&H feature can be substituted for the chargeable S&H feature on selected equipment. An example of such a situation is a pre-existing special contract which legally precludes IBM from charging for shipping and handling.

All new proposals for the selected machine types which ship on or after July 10, 2012, should include an S&H feature.

Read here the whole content of the new features.

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