Posted 07 November 2011

Citrix licenses locked or in use on your license server

Get them released quicker ...
So after the test phase in your XenDesktop project you move from test environment to a new Production Farm keeping your license server.  If you used a lot of test-accounts during this initial phase you might want to release the licenses so real users can start using them.  Below the procedure on how to do this :
  • Logon to your Citrix License server (RDP)
  • Open a command prompt and "cd" to "C:Program Files (x86)CitrixLicensingLS"
  • If you type : "udadmin -list" you get a list of all checked out licenses
  • Next you need to release the license with next command :
    "udadmin -f  > -user  <> -delete"
    So in our example this wil be : " udadmin -f XDT_PLT_UD -user jerry -delete"
  • Each user license assignment needs to be released separately.