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Data Center Fabric Overview


  • The industry's fastest fabric, delivering the highest throughput and lowest latency

  • Up to 112Gbps of bandwidth per server


  • Converged infrastructure combines Ethernet and Fibre Channel on a single fabric

  • 70% fewer switches, server cards and cables


  • Software-defined network makes it fast and easy to connect servers, networks, and storage devices

  • Provision new services and reconfigure resources in minutes


Data Center Fabric for The Cloud

The Xsigo Data Center Fabric revolutionises data center economics by creating an agile, highly efficient infrastructure that is built on the hardware and software you choose.

Its open, elegantly simple architecture lets you dynamically connect servers, networks, and storage. You create networks and connections entirely in software to enable secure, isolated services that support your business processes and priorities.

With the Xsigo Data Center Fabric, all traffic types, including Ethernet and Fibre Channel, traverse a converged infrastructure, resulting in a dramatically simpler, more efficient, wire-once environment and the industry's most flexible connectivity.

Software-defined Networking

The Xsigo Data Center Fabric's software-defined network architecture lets you create the ideal platform for a private cloud or for a public cloud service provider. From a single management screen you can quickly create isolated pools of resources entirely under software control. Create isolated networks and virtual connections among servers, networks and storage.

Within this flat infrastructure, traffic is automatically routed over the fastest path without the need to specify switch ports or routing paths. Inefficient routing schemes such as Spanning Tree Protocol are eliminated. In the event of a path failure, traffic is immediately routed around the failed link with no interruption of service.


With today's faster processors, I/O bottlenecks can limit performance and virtual machine density. Xsigo removes the limitations with up to 112Gbps bandwidth per server and a low latency fabric that minimises delays.

  • Dynamically share bandwidth among applications and utilities

  • Up to 19X faster vMotion, 30X faster backup, and 12X faster database queries


Virtualisation can significantly increase connectivity complexity, which adds cost and reduces manageability and reliability. Xsigo consolidates server connections to a single fabric that eliminates unnecessary tiers of network switches.

The result is reduced management complexity, a simpler, wire-once infrastructure, and 70% fewer switches, cards and cables. Xsigo's network isolation minimises reliance on VLANs, further reducing complexity.


Xsigo's software-defined network makes it fast and easy to connect any server, network, and storage device, provision new services, and reconfigure resources. Add new connections and migrate connectivity from one server to another, all without incurring downtime.

  • Create new services, isolated networks, or connectivity in minutes

  • Quickly integrate new network and storage technologies with Xsigo's modular architecture.

About Xsigo Systems

Xsigo Systems ( enables IT organisations to build open, scalable Data Center Fabrics that are fast, simple, and agile, using innovative hardware and Software-Defined Networking solutions. Xsigo fabrics deliver throughput up to 56Gbps and virtualise connectivity from any server to any storage and networking resource, while reducing costs and management complexity. Stay up to date with Xsigo through our blog at