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IBM Rational / Complementary offerings

IBM Rational Application Developer + IBM Information Management: Assists you in developing an interactive DB2 environment.

IBM Rational Data Architect + IBM Information Management: Combine traditional data modelling capabilities with metadata discovery, mapping and analysis.

IBM Rational + IBM Hardware, Software & Services: Check out the Attach Connector cross-selling tool to help you sell more IBM hardware, software and services with each sales opportunity -

IBM Rational Express Offerings + ISV applications: Discover the IBM Built on Express Solutions Program. Contact us for more info at

IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software + IBM Websphere: Create a complete graphical J2EE integrated development environment (IDE) based on the Eclipse platform.

IBM Rational Software Architect + IBM Websphere: Enable SOA leaders to build blueprints of their architecture.

IBM Rational PurifyPlus Enterprise Edition + IBM Tivoli: Get a runtime analysis of code that will detect memory errors, detect untested code, and identify performance bottlenecks.

IBM Rational Functional Tester + IBM Tivoli: Improve the quality of monitored systems by replacing manual functional testing efforts and reducing testing time.

IBM Rational Performance Tester + IBM Tivoli: Identify and resolve performance problems before putting systems into production.