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Stonesoft / Complementary offerings

Stonesoft + Avocent + Enterasys: For more information about Business Continuity, request the brochure to

VoIP with Avaya: check the IP telephony brochure for more detailed information
StoneGate FireWall products are VoIP-enabled and support SIP.

  • Security: VoIP connections can be encrypted with StoneGate Firewall & VPN, which secures your communications so they are not vulnerable to e.g., eavesdropping and alteration of data.
  • Reliability: With StoneGate™ patented Multi-Link Technology you can ensure that the VoIP connections are resilient and have the best possible performance. Also StoneGate Firewall & VPN is fully clusterable, eliminating single points of failure in the communication path.
  • Bandwith: with Bandwidth Management and Quality of Service StoneGate provides you with the capability to prioritize important traffic or set limits on traffic that has lower importance.

Stonesoft + Vasco: Set up and completely secure your VPN connection.