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The Teradici APEX 2800 Server Offload Card
The many tasks a CPU performs combined with image encoding of pixel-intensive applications, limits the number of virtual machines that can run on any one server. Bij offloading image encoding to a separate hardware encoding card CPU capacity can be recoverd, resulting in multiple benefits.

Protect and ensure a consistent user experience
APEX 2800 creates virtual CPU headroom to ensure consistent application performance, enabling intensive applications to run more smoothly. Reducing peaks in CPU utilisation by up to 50% and smoothing overall CPU demand provides a reliable and consistent level of experience regardless of the overall demand on server CPUs. The card constantly monitors the graphic encoding demands of each display and dynamically offloads the 64 most active displays as needed.


Enable VDI consolidation ratio improvements
As the APEX 2800 reduces server CPU utilisation, the extra headroom can also be used to enable consolidation ratio improvements. IT managers could achieve consolidation ratio improvements of up to 1.2X in typical office workload (5% video, 95% office). In use case with high levels of pixel changes, such as many users watching video at the same time, consolidation ratio improvements can be up to 2X.

Simple to install and setup
No complex configuration or management tool are required. The PCIe full-heigth, half-length card simply plugs into industry standa servers, and is managed throough VVMware View Administrator. The server off load card is compatible with all existing PCoIP zero clients and VMware View software clients.