Marketing Services

We support all your business development initiatives

The Arrow ECS marketing team can help you to select and organize the most suited lead generation campaigns based on your objectives and possibilities:

- Financial sponsoring of your activities: Arrow ECS can help you send the request for marketing budget to the vendors.
- Marketing advice to select the technologies, messages, targets and activities for your campaign.
- Marketing tools to support your campaigns:

Arrow tools such as emailing reporting tools to do a sales follow-up on your communication, training room and demo center and the use of our marketing supplier DB (telemarketing, communication, locations,catering …)
Vendor tools: our vendors are creating tools to help you launch in a quicker and more efficient way your marketing activities such as web syndication tools, plays, campaign in a box …

Do you want to reach new markets through a solutions approach and effective marketing programs, then contact us by phone +32 2 663 49 10 or email