Companies are aware of the security of their network. Firewalls and protection against threats such as viruses and spam and sending e-mail via a secure VPN connection is quite common.

Users, however, are dealing with increasingly larger files and also want to send those. Think of large files such as PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, digital drawings, scanned documents, photographs or video materials, etc. This can also confidential data such as financial data between auditor and client or patient records in the healthcare or legal contracts between lawyer and client.

To be able to send these files, there are a number of options and available techniques as an FTP server, burning DVDs or file sharing over the Internet (Dropbox, WeTranfer, etc.). These techniques are not easy to use, especially when you compare it with the simplicity of sending an e-mail.

Moreover, it seems that suddenly there is less attention to the security of this information. Popular cloud services such as Dropbox and WeTransfer are one example, we know that this is unsafe and yet it is frequently used, especially when large files can no longer simply sent through e-mail. Mail programs are limited in the size of the files that are sent as an attachment to an email, a restriction which goes up to several MBs

The Solution
Cryptshare provides the solution. For the sender it simple to encrypt and send files without the need of installeing complex programs. With Cryptshare you can simply sent large files up to 2GB securely with one click. When sending the files, they are not stored on the server but on a Cryptshare server. This server is located within the network of the user behind the firewall in the DMZ. The files are stored with an AES encryption while both the upload and the download are done via secure SSL connections. Cryptshare brings you a high-end security solution that enables organizations to securely sending large files.

The sender does not need more than the e-mail address of the receiver while the receiver does not have to install local software. The communication is bi-directional so that files can be returned via the same Cryptshare installation. Cryptshare is accessed through a browser, and offers full integration with Outlook and Lotus Notes.


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