How to use​

Easy, fast, secure!

Cryptshare is easy to use for you and the person to whom you send files, as one of our customers said ‘if you can use e-mail you can use Cryptshare’.
All you need is e-mail and a browser there are no user accounts or complex set-up needed.

First you enter some basic information about you, this allows Cryptshare to know who you are by sending you an access code. With this code you are able to follow three steps to send your file.
You enter the details of the person or people to whom you want to send something along with a message and at this stage you decide ii you want to use a password and how to share this with your intended recipient. You might decide to have them call you or even have a pre-agreed password.

The second step is that you select the file or files that you want to share which can be from any source that you have access to and up to 2Gb per transmission.

Finally you press send and Cryptshare will download and encrypt the files and your message, providing a link to your recipient so that they can collect the files.

At each step Crypsthare lets you know what has happened, so you will know for sure if your files have been downloaded and when and by whom.


Contact Information​

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