How to implement​

Cryptshare comes as virtual appliance, hardware appliance or software licence so that you can choose the best installation for you.

Cryptshare Virtual Appliance
The Virtual Appliance has everything you need prepared and ready. It runs on VMware ESX 3.5 or higher and includes

  • An openSUSE Linux operating system
  • An Apache web server
  • A ClamAV virus scanner
  • The pre-installed Cryptshare server application
  • The Cryptshare server licence

The subscription includes automatic software updates for all parts of the system ensuring that the Virtual Appliance is always up to date.
A web based configuration tool allows the Virtual Machine to be pre-configured so as to integrate immediately into the IT infrastructure whatever the scale. In addition, a brand image and design rules can be applied to the user interface quickly so that staff, customers and partners can be certain who they are working with.
For integration into a ESX server just download the pre-configured VM.

Cryptshare Hardware Appliance
The Cryptshare Hardware Appliance is a pre-configured system containing the same items as the virtual machine but packaged in its own purpose built system. The Hardware Appliance comes as a 19" rack mountable machine.

Cryptshare Software License
The Cryptshare Server license offers you all the flexibility to choose your system platform and the freedom of your own individual configuration. This is recommended for advanced users only.



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