Return on Investements​

Any solution people buy today needs to be cost justified. Cryptshare offers a quick Return on Investments through:

  • Cryptshare reduces the load on the e-mail server
  • Cryptshare reduces the amount of storage required for each mail box
  • Cryptshare reduces the amount of data archived
  • Cryptshare is very easy to use and needs no training
  • Cryptshare provides full encryption of all transfers without user action needed so helps reduce compliance breaches
  • Cryptshare provides a full audit trail of all activities so you know how it is being used in your company
  • Cryptshare is immediately available to all in the domain spreading the benefits widely
  • Cryptshare makes removable media ports on the staff's PCs obsolete. No more mistakes!
  • No client software installations are required saving time and effort
  • Cryptshare replaces many expensive courier deliveries, and it is much faster
  • Cryptshare is a quick win, it can be available to business in a matter of hours
  • Cryptshare can be customised giving a clear message to partners, customers and staff that your business is taking extra care
  • Web site integration options available allowing people outside to send files into your team if required without needing a licence

Contact Information​

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Battelsesteenweg 455 - A2
2800 Mechelen

T. +32 (0)15 28 76 66