Compliance with data protection rules is now made easy!

All organisations gather and hold information which is needed for the day-to-day work of that organisation but which must be protected and secured so that it is only shared where strictly necessary. We read frequently about breaches of compliance rules, stories of CDs or DVDs being lost, USB sticks being found on trains and so on. This raises the question: Why do these incidents occur and how can they be avoided?

We know e-mail is not secure, we know the things we send through public networks are at risk, but compliance fears force our staff to do things that create even new risks.

With Cryptshare those ad hoc choices, CD’s, USB sticks, courier services and so on are no longer needed. Simple ad hoc use allows those confidential items to be shared, providing you with an audit trail of who has received the data and when and best of all it could be running for you today.



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