Large File Transfer​

In our daily work we use powerful tools to help communicate with colleagues, business partners, customers, suppliers and others. However the solutions in which we do our work, such as Microsoft Office, CAD solutions, film editing packages and so on all store data in files. These files are often pretty large and are getting larger in the future.

When we come to share them, often our e-mail system simply denies service. Do you know if your file is below of above the size limit is in your mail system? And even if you can send the file - are you sure that the person at the other end can receive a file that large?
In addition to the size issue, the contents of files are frequently confidential. Files contain new business ideas, research results, business plans or personal information about clients or patients where we have an obligation to keep these things private. So there is a need to secure this information, but at the same there is a need to share it.

Cryptshare solves the problem in a simple non-technical way. If you can use e-mail you can use Cryptshare as well.





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