Exinda delivers innovative WAN Optimization and Network Control products and solutions to mid-sized enterprises and institutions around the world. Thousands of customers rely on Exinda to meet their application service level agreements (SLAs) and control the way WAN and Internet resources are consumed.

Exinda is different. They take an intelligent approach to application SLA assurance and network control, which is critical in modern networks that span many devices, clouds and countries.

Exinda was founded in 2002 and they have grown to be recognized for their innovation and service in WAN Optimization products and Network Control systems for mid-sized companies, academic institutions and government agencies. What sets them apart is their integrated, easy to use suite of technology designed for mid-sized companies. The focus on SLA assurance is critical to the success of the customers spanning many industries and countries.

The solutions?
Exinda delivers the following products and solutions

Network Control Suite
Network Control Suite is designed for today’s Internet and WAN needs, which are more complex than ever before. For organizations that leverage collaboration, unified communications and social media, Network Control Suite is architected for them. It is the only solution that provides best-in-class application and network visibility, traffic shaping and quality of service specifically to help enterprises balance the need for employee Internet use with the need to prioritize network resources for strategic applications.

WAN Optimalization Suite
Exinda WAN Optimization Suite is a true WAN Optimization 2.0 product, designed for today’s networks. Client/server applications, such as email and file sharing, still pose problems for many companies. However, the bigger challenge today is how to deliver a reliable and predictable user experience for all applications, wherever and on whatever device users prefer. In fact, a recent report by TRAC Research indicates that user experience is five times more likely to be a top network priority for enterprises than throughput.

High Performance Add-ons
Central Management
The Exinda Service Delivery Point is designed for enterprise network environments looking to centrally manage multi-box Exinda deployments and is available as both a hosted service and a hardware appliance.

Edge Cache
Exinda Edge Cache enables single-sided caching of Internet-based content. When web objects are downloaded from the Internet or across WAN links, the Exinda Edge Cache stores them at the network edge.

Exinda Mobile
Exinda Mobile is a software-only solution that helps enterprises to provide high-speed application access to any location without having to install new hardware or recon?gure their network.


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