High Performance Add-Ons ​

Exinda’s WAN Optimization Suite and Network Control Suite are designed to be easy-to-use, all-in-one network optimization solutions for mid-sized enterprises and institutions. Exinda offers value-added components that provide additional power, insight and scale to improve network performance.


The Solutions​

Central Management
The Exinda Service Delivery Point is designed for enterprise network environments looking to centrally manage multi-box Exinda deployments. The solution is  available as both a hosted service and a hardware appliance and SDP further simplifies the task of installing, configuring, monitoring and reporting via Exinda's WAN Optimization appliances.

Edge Cache
Exinda Edge Cache enables single-sided caching of Internet-based content. When web objects are downloaded from the Internet or across WAN links, the Exinda Edge Cache stores them at the network edge. When subsequent requests come in for the same objects, the content is delivered from the Exinda Edge Cache instead of being re-downloaded over the WAN, freeing up network resources, reducing bandwidth costs, improving user application experiences and network performance.

Exinda Mobile
Exinda Mobile is a software-only solution that helps organisations to provide high-speed application access to any location without having to install new hardware or recon?gure their network. The Exinda Mobile Server can be deployed to optmize applications for an entire site leveraging your existing infrastructure, or the Exinda Mobile PC client can be deployed to optimize applications for an individual remote worker at a home office.

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