Network Control Suite​

Network Control Suite is designed for today’s Internet and WAN needs, which are more complex than ever before. It is designed for enterprises that rely on the Internet and WAN to deliver strategic business applications, but struggle to control and prioritize the way these networks are used.
Network Control Suite delivers comprehensive visibility and control for all traffic crossing Internet and WAN links. It combines Layer 7 level visibility of application traffic with policy-based bandwidth allocation to deliver the industry’s premier solution for traffic management.

Network Control Suite is made for network managers and administrators who want to embrace BYOD and BYOA policies and adopt next-generation communication and collaboration tools, but struggle to manage and protect how network resources are consumed across the WAN and Internet.

Exinda provides:

  • Rich Layer 7 visibility into all applications and sites using network resources.
  • Ready-to-use policies that dynamically allocate and restrict bandwidth based on applications, sites and users.
  • Actionable reporting to help you see what sites, users and applications are consuming network resources and remediate problems faster
  • Easy installation and an intuitive user experience built for pragmatic network administrators.
  • Seamless integration with Exinda’s WAN Optimization Suite for complete application assurance.

The Solutions​

Network Control Appliances
Exinda delivers the best price to performance rating at every appliance size, and a simple install process that will deliver performance improvements in minutes, making Exinda the right choice for mid sized companies.

  • Small Office – Exinda 2061
  • Medium & Branch Office – Exinda 4010
  • Head Quarters – Exinda 4061


  • Small Data Center – Exinda 6062
  • Data Center – Exinda 8062
  • Large Data Center – Exinda 10062

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Exinda Virtual Appliance
Exinda’s virtual appliance provides the ultimate in network optimization flexibility.  The virtual appliances are designed to scale with the needs and make it easy to add power and performance on the fly. That means enterprises are not faced with regular hardware upgrades as the network expands and they can seamlessly integrate it into their network with no incremental hardware purchase.

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Network Cards
Exinda's network expansion modules provide organizations the ability to integrate and connect thier Exinda appliance into any type of network infrastructure, while ensuring maximum reliability and up time.

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