WAN Optimization Suite​

Exinda WAN Optimization Suite is a true WAN Optimization 2.0 product, designed for today’s networks. Client/server applications, such as email and file sharing, still pose problems for many companies. However, the bigger challenge today is how to deliver a reliable and predictable user experience for all applications, wherever and on whatever device users prefer.

This indicator is only one of many that demonstrates the shift of WAN optimization from being only about acceleration and optimization to encompassing user experience assurance. Exinda Assure can help network administrators who need to provide a high-quality, predictable user experience for their most important applications, whether those applications are mobile, cloud-enabled, virtualized or unified communications.

WAN Optimization Suite does that by providing:

  • A single integrated suite for WAN optimization, Network Control and Application Assurance
  • Dynamic policies based on SLAs, applications, users, time of day and location to ensure that business-critical applications have the bandwidth they need
  • User-experience monitoring and scoring to maintain a quality user experience across all applications and networks
  • A pragmatic, easy-to-install and easy-to-use product designed for busy administrators
  • Flexible deployment options to assure user experience in virtual and physical IT environments

The Solutions​

WAN Optimization Appliances
Exinda delivers the best price to performance rating at every appliance size, and a simple install process that will deliver performance improvements in minutes, making Exinda the right choice for mid sized companies.

  • Small Office – Exinda 2061
  • Medium & Branch Office – Exinda 4010
  • Head Quarters – Exinda 4061


  • Small Data Center – Exinda 6062
  • Data Center – Exinda 8062
  • Large Data Center – Exinda 10062

For an overview of the different appliances, click here

Exinda Virtual Appliance
Exinda’s virtual appliance provides the ultimate in network optimization flexibility.  The virtual appliances are designed to scale with the needs and make it easy to add power and performance on the fly. That means enterprises are not faced with regular hardware upgrades as the network expands and they can seamlessly integrate it into their network with no incremental hardware purchase.

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Network Cards
Exinda's network expansion modules provide organizations the ability to integrate and connect thier Exinda appliance into any type of network infrastructure, while ensuring maximum reliability and up time.

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