VIPRION is the first application delivery controller that scales on demand. It provides the highest levels of throughput and transactions per second available using the F5 TMOS™ platform to deliver massive performance and scalability for BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager™.

VIPRION gives you the scalability you need to establish a solid and sustainable Application Delivery Networking growth strategy.




Features and Benefits​

  • Maximise Large-Scale Application Performance - VIPRION provides industry-leading layer 7 and SSL performance, so it can manage the most demanding applications. A fully loaded VIPRION system with four blades delivers performance that is orders of magnitude greater than anything else you will find on the market.
  • Consolidate and Simplify Your Network - With VIPRION's massive performance and scalability, you can reduce the number of application delivery controllers you need to deliver even the most demanding applications. By offloading computationally intense processes, VIPRION can significantly reduce the number of application servers needed.
  • Increase Intelligence, Not Operating Costs - Does your growing infrastructure require more processing power for layer 7 processing, SSL, compression, and more? Simply add a blade to the VIPRION chassis and it will start processing traffic automatically. Whether you're using one blade or four, VIPRION remains one device with fixed management costs.
  • Achieve Total Reliability - Multi-layered redundancy significantly reduces the possibility of downtime. In a VIPRION system with multiple blades, you can remove a blade without disruption; the other blades instantly take over the processing load. You can also deploy VIPRION in an active/standby configuration to add another level of redundancy. The chassis is built with redundant power supplies and field swappable components.
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