Product overview​


The VIPRION 2400 Application Delivery Controller is for midsize to large enterprises that need the flexibility of adding performance on demand while managing cost. A real pay-as-you-grow model, VIPRION 2400 offers on-demand L7, SSL, and compression performance, with no operational disruption. For agility and improved efficiency, it also provides the highest density multi-tenant virtualization solution that can dynamically scale virtual ADC instances as your business requirements change. VIPRION 2400 utilizes 80 PLUS Gold Certified power supplies, which lowers cooling and energy requirements. With the introduction of the new 2250 and 2150 blades, F5 is now incorporating enterprise class solid state drive (SSD) storage for improved disk i/o performance and reliability.



The VIPRION 4480 Application Delivery Controller is for large service providers, enterprises, and web-based businesses. VIPRION 4480 was designed with carrier-grade reliability in mind and is NEBS certified. With support for industry-first 40 GbE ports, multi-tenant virtualization support, and the capability to add up to four blades to its chassis, you can scale your Application Delivery Network as demands grow.



VIPRION 4800 is the highest-performing Application Delivery Controller (ADC) in the world, meeting the needs of the largest service providers, enterprises, and web-based businesses. It provides unsurpassed consolidation of ADC services using F5 ScaleN technology, with up to 48 vCMP instances. You can add up to a total of eight blades to achieve maximum throughout, L7 RPS, SSL performance, and compression with no disruption. Designed completely in-house by F5, it delivers an exceptional customer experience, maximum performance and scalability, and carrier-grade reliability.