Network Taps
Fast and reliable, NetOptics passive network taps provide access for security and network management devices on all types of networks.

  • 100% visibility to link traffic for security and network monitoring tools
  • In-line link failover protection
  • Access ready connectivity

Regeneration Taps
Simultaneously monitor traffic on important links with multiple security and traffic management tools with passive, real-time regeneration Tap technology.

  • Simultaneously place multiple security and traffic analysis tools on core network links
  • Concurrently monitor for RMON statistics, application behavior, or security threats
  • In-line and Span port models available


  • Customers have access to link utilization, traffic statistics, and alarms via a front panel display and software management utilities.
  • Access to link information available from front panel display or Indigo software management utilities
  • Remote control for port and alarm configuration changes
  • Acts as network sensor even when a monitoring tool is not attached



Bypass Swithc


Simple and ultra-efficient, NetOptics Aggregators provide access to full-duplex links using just a single NIC on the monitoring or analyzer tool.

  • Link Aggregator and Port Aggregator Taps
  • Products combine each side of a network link and copy aggregated data to one or more monitoring ports
  • Efficient use of monitoring tools with ability to capture different types of traffic from the one link or four links

Port Aggregation

Port Aggregator Taps combine traffic from one network link and copy to either one or two monitoring tools

Link Aggregation
Link Aggregation Taps combine traffic from one to four network links for up to four monitoring tools

Bypass Switches

Bypass Switches provide a trouble-free access port for in-line network security and monitoring devices. The Bypass Switch with Heartbeat sends a heartbeat packet to the device, protecting network traffic against link, application, and power failure on the attached in-line device.

  • Trouble-free access port for in-line network security and WAN optimization tools such as Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)
  • The Bypass Switch with Heartbeat adds automated link fail-open protection
  • Support for 10Mbps to 10Gbps connectivity and managed models

Media Converters
NetOptics media converters provide media conversion for security and network devices from all types of networks.

  • Converter Taps provide 100% visibility to link traffic for security and network monitoring tools
  • Able to convert copper to fiber, single mode to multimode
  • 1G and 10G media conversion capabilities
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