Restorepoint Features​

Backing up network devices for Disaster Recovery or Compliance does not have to be complicated. With Restorepoint organisations can automate the process and ensure that all of the devices are backed-up on a regular basis.

Configuring all of the network and security devices to meet compliance requirements can be time consuming to implement and time consuming to monitor. With Restorepoints Configuration policies it is easy to create a rule that will alert when a device is non-compliant or to report on the compliance status of the whole network.

65% of all network downtime is caused by human error according to Gartner. Having the ability to roll-back from a mistake or from failed hardware is vital to reduce the impact and cost of downtime. With Restorepoint it doesn’t matter what the device you need to recover is, the process is just the same.


Rolling out new network devices or want to standardise configurations on existing devices?
With Restorepoint companies can accelerate their next roll-out with Configuration Templates. Using a mouse simply highlight the lines in an existing configuration that would change between devices, such as IP addresses, and then be prompted for those variables when they push the template to multiple devices.

Device Control
Device Control automates operations by sending one or even a set of commands to network devices without having to remember or type the commands each time. Just save the commands and send them to multiple devices with just a few clicks.

Asset Tracking
Restorepoint can help you stay on track of your network assets, produce inventory reports and remind you of all important support or maintenance dates using its customisable database.

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