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The Avocent® products are a core component of Emerson Network Power’s Data Center Infrastructure Management portfolio. Emerson Network Power defines DCIM as the monitoring, collection and analysis of real-time, continuous, accurate information from an intelligent infrastructure that allows for immediate action, designed to keep the data center in an optimal state of balance between availability, efficiency and capacity.

Avocent® DSViewTM Management Software
Avocent® DSViewTM management software provides a secure, centralized management solution for all connected IT assets. It enables administrators to access IT devices from anywhere, carry out diagnoses and implement changes, regardless of the condition or status of the operating system or network.
DSViewTM software offers the following advantages in the data center and in the branch offices:      Easier Administration - Reliable Access - Easy Expansion - Higher Security
Avocent® Universal Management Gateway Appliance
The Avocent® Universal Management Gateway aggregates access and control capabilities with real-time data collection. The appliance collects real-time data from both IT assets and critical facilities infrastructure equipment and filters relevant DCIM event data to the TrellisTM software. This enables “processing-at-the-edge” intelligence that handles all the distributed tasks while only sending relevant data up to the platform. The access and control capabilities that can be delivered in a single appliance through Avocent® DSViewTM management software are KVM over IP, serial console, service processors, rack PDU and environmental monitoring. This appliance provides four times the functionality at 25% the size enhancing data center resource and space utilized by 75%.
Avocent® MergePoint Unity™ KVM over IP switches
MergePoint UnityTM switches offer IT personnel and enterprise KVM over IP solution for remote access and administration of servers. MergePoint UnityTM switches enable BIOS-level control and support an external modem when the network is unavailable.

Administrators can control every connected device from anywhere they like, as if they were actually on site – even when the server itself can no longer communicate over the network. As a result, the response time and outage duration are shortened, thereby improving IT management efficiency and IT availability.
Avocent® ACS Advanced Console Servers
Avocent® ACS advanced console servers provide secure and reliable remote access to serial management ports available on servers and other IT network devices (routers, switches, firewalls, etc.,) rather than being dependent on their network connections. Data logging not only enables the speedy diagnosis of problems, it also helps ensure compliance with important legal regulations such as the Sarbanes?Oxley Act. In addition, it can be used for automatic error detection and alerts, allowing problems to be resolved even faster.
Avocent® Rack Power Manager Software
Avocent® Rack Power Manager adds power-monitoring capability to the solution. This addition gives companies the ability to monitor and measure the power consumption, the costs and the trends of a single server or of a complete data center in real time.

It offers a consolidated display as well as remote and individual power control for every connected IT device. Preventive alerts from power and environment sensors allow the administrators to use the performance capacity more efficiently and ensure better availability of IT systems.
New range of intelligent PDU MPH2
Improve flexibility, efficiency and availability of infrastructure customers with new MPH2 PDU from Emerson Network Power. The new range of intelligent PDUs MPH2 associated with Avocent Rack

Power Manager software, enables you to:
- Measure and monitor the costs of power consumption at the device, the rack, or the data center
- Get the historical reports on usage and consumption
- Identify peaks consumption and alert in case of threshold
- Chargeback energy costs by department or client
- Control and monitor each remote outlet (power on / off, reboot servers / routers ... )
- Plan accurately and help the IT department to determine which electrical infrastructure to build in a new location or in a disaster recovery plan.
Key features of new MPH2 PDU:
- Small size ( 1/5) , the smallest in the market which allows easy access to the rack
- Low power consumption (Lowest idle power consumption on all Switched models - 5W) Verses competition 18W & up)
- +/-1% Accurate Metering of electrical parameters allowing for accurate chargebacks
- High temperature rating : Ability to support very high temperatures ( up to 60°) within hot aisles
- Locking outlets

The four models MPH2 Emerson:
Model / CapabilitiesMPH2RMPH2MMPH2CMPH2B
Strip Level Metering  Y 
Outlet Level MeteringYY Y
Outlet SwitchingY Y 
Avocent® Data Center Planner software
Avocent® Data Center Planner provides a user-friendly way to plan, document and visualize the data center infrastructure. This comprehensive software solution is a visual infrastructure planning and management tool within Emerson Network Power’s strategic framework for the data center.
Avocent® Data Center Planner combines accurate and complete information about device and equipment locations, as well as current capacities and projected growth.
Watch the video about the Avocent Data Centre Planner software
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